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The MCR comprises a diverse mix of people from numerous countries and backgrounds. It provides a sense of community and shares the experience of life studying in Cambridge.

The MCR stands for Middle Combination Room. In Cambridge, this has three meanings:

  • The physical room where postgraduate students mingle.
  • The body representing postgraduates in Girton at College and University level.
  • The community of postgraduates in general.

The MCR is run by an executive committee of people who are elected each year. As an MCR member, you have the opportunity to stand for election and have a say in MCR life.
Last revised in 2018, the MCR Constitution is available in PDF format.

The MCR organises social activities including weekly breakfasts, movie nights and barbecues. We also organise monthly dinners and parties. The MCR is responsible for the welfare of its members and runs various schemes including the support of MCR sports development. The MCR also coordinates the allocation of rooms in college each year.

We have two common rooms at: Swirls Court (you’ll know which one this is) and Main Site (likewise, or by elimination). The MCR is a very pleasant place to read, grab a coffee, or chat with friends. If there is anything you think we can do to make it even nicer, please send us an email with your questions and comments anytime!

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