Who we are?

Here's your MCR Committee

Jennifer Jia (she/her/her)

PhD student in Clinical Neurosciences

Torkel Loman (he/him/his)

PhD student in Biochemistry

Simon V. Reichel (he/him/his)

IT Officer
MPhil student in Biology

Ting Lye (she/her/her)

International Officer
MPhil student in Bioscience Enterprise

Alisa Maring (she/her/her)

Communications Officer
PhD student in Biochemistry

Chloe Dorothea Sariego (she/her/her)

LGBTQIA+ Officer
MPhil student in Sociology of Reproduction

Camila Betterelli Giuliano (she/her/her)

Education & Alumni Officer
MPhil student in Bioscience Enterprises

Benjamin Utting (he/him/his)

BME Officer
PhD Student in Archaeology

Shreyashi Dasgupta (she/her/her)

PhD student in Development Studies

Richard Clements (he/him/his)

PhD student in Law

Maximilian G. Hepach (he/him/his)

Welfare Secretary
PhD student in Geography

Eleanor Bladon (she/her/her)

Women's Officer
PhD student in Zoology

Phoebe Heathcote (she/her/her)

Social Secretary
MPhil student in Economic and Social History

Emma Becirovic (she/her/her)

Social Secretary
MPhil in 18th Century and Romantic English Literature

Jessica Dobrin (she/her/her)

Food & Drinks Officer
PhD student in STEM education